Taiyo Phone Co Ltd installed SIMS and brought into operation. Taiyo Phone Co Ltd Mt. Lavinia has finished their training in SIMS and now in operation. Taiyo is the 22nd Mobitel dealer to finish the SIMS software training and do their sims distribution operation with SIMS. SIMS is the SIM distribution management system developed by EZ Soft for the dealers of Mobitel.


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EZ Soft joined hands with Teaching Hospital Kandy to provide an automated solution for the diet management process of the hospital. Patients admitted to the hospital are categorized in to different categories and the diet is provided according to the circulars of the ministry of health SriLanka. The automated solution will provide a simple way to carry out the process of diet ordering and supplying by mitigating the inefficiency and apply the time and the human resource in to a productive process.


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" I would like to extend my appreciation towards for successful completion of SIM distribution software on time and that too with great efficacy. The fact and figures presented by you in the completion of this project is truly commendable. I really appreciate your efforts and professionalism by which you have completed the project well on time. once again would like to thank you and congratulate you for your hard work and dedication. I wish that you continue your spirit in the upcoming projects also. Wishing you all the best and good luck ahead"

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" Just few notes to say thank you very much for your excellent work in implementing your loan management software in Kandurata Lanka Investments. It seems to be a great software and looking forward to work with you and the Tribe team."


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Distribution Management System (ezdeal) implemented at Gunawardena Enterprises Digana. Gunawardena Enterprises is the most recent happy customer of ezDeal who now has a fully automated distribution process in their business.



SIM Distribution Management Software for mobitel

SIMS is a web and mobile based software bundle which has been designed to operate the SIM distribution process of dealers of Mobitel (pvt) Ltd. It manages all the business operations of Mobitel SIM distribution.

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Hospital Diet Information Management System

A web and mobile based solution to manage the diet supplying operations of Hospitals.

  1. Record patient’s details
  2. Keep record of diets to be supplied to various categories of patients.

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Distribution Management System

A web and mobile based smart solution to ease the distribution of things. It manages all your sales representative’s activities with live inventory and sales report updating just after the rep’s transaction.

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Micro Loans Management System

A software bundle developed for medium and small scaled Microcredit firms.

  1. Handling & Maintaining Credit Customers.
  2. Cheque (Deposited to the Bank) Management
  3. Daily Income & Profit Balancing.
  4. Business Analyzation Reports.

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Mobile Reload & Utility Billing System

Automated & Self Operated Smart Mobile Reload Machine (For Communications, Super Centers & All kind of Customer Service points) Included

  1. Smart Utility Bill Payments. (Electricity Bill, Water Bill Etc...)
  2. Sim Activation and ezCash / Mcash Payments.

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Point of sale system

EzSoft provides you the most convenient computer-based Point of Sales System which facilitates

  1. Recording sales details
  2. Keeping record of the store inventory
  3. Order processing activities
  4. Printing out receipts
  5. Keeping records of customers

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Mobile Application Development

Keep your business in your palms. EzSoft is the pioneers by example that provides you innovative and customizable solutions that you can bring up any large-scale business automation into a mobile device. Our solutions support any platform such as

It’s a smart world and EzSoft team is willing to make your business smarter by providing a variety of mobile solutions starting from a small mobile app to E-Commerce solution and even mobile gaming.

Web Application Development

Making a web application is not just a source of getting information of your business. It is a way of automating your business globally and a pathway to the business growth. EzSoft team is well equipped with the latest web technologies that brings the optimal solution for any scale of web application starting from a small web site to an E-Commerce application.

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Stand-Alone Software Development

Sometimes It is not always about a globalize solution what you need. When you feel it is better to keep things locally EzSoft make your wish into a product using the latest and best stand-alone application technologies.

Complement your remaining solution

EzSoft provides a variety of software plugins which complements your remaining solution such as

  1. Mobile version of your current software
  2. SMS plugins
  3. Reporting plugins
  4. Cloud backup of your data
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Hardware automation is one of the major specialties of EzSoft. Interacting devices and data embedded with technology which automate whole process will allow the growth of the organization with technology. It not only ease your business but also add an prestigious value to business. Ez Top Up is one of the main IOT project by EzSoft.


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